Thursday, June 30, 2011

Supernatural - KING

It really irritates me when people say that like my music, but don't support it by either buying a copy of my album or, if they're not in a position to buy it, at least sharing it with a friend. So to take my own advice, I wanted to share an amazing group I came across via an amazing photographer, Nicholas James Harris whose blog you should follow/subscribe to (not just look at) The group is called King and they are great. Please take a listen and support anyway you can to keep real music like this in our environment! K.I.P.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Joyful Noise

Ever since I became an artist, I have always wanted to do quality work whether is was my tracks my videos. This past weekend, I had the pleasure of working with an Extraordinary filmmaker, Jon Genius to create a video for Summer Short Set, a branded entertainment series
Episode 2: A Joyful Noise
featuring Converse
Check it out

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

6th Annual Real Talk Hip Hop Summit Macon, GA, June 17

On June 17...The World Will See...That Hip Hop Lives!

Kwanzaa Cultural Access Center and Torchlight Academy, Inc.


The 6th Annual

Hip Hop Summit
Friday, June 17th, 2011
Macon, GA


WHAT: Real Talk is an annual hip-hop summit that teaches youth to value their unique talents and gifts and use them to benefit their communities through honest dialogue and educating them about the roots of hip hop and how they can use the elements of hip hop to express themselves in positive ways. The summit features interactive workshops, a community panel discussion, and a showcase of positive talent from local, national, and international artists.

WHEN: 19th Annual Georgia Juneteenth Week
Friday June 17, 2011
WHERE: 10am-3pm @ The Historic Douglass Theatre and 4pm-9pm @ Frank Johnson Recreation Center (Unionville)

Local FOX 24 News Coverage

Historic Douglass Theatre 10am-3pm
355 Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard
Macon, GA 31201-7958
(478) 742-2000

Interactive Workshops:

How to be an Emcee (MC)
Allah's Apprentice, Bismillah Crew

Kenny Muhammad, The Human Orchestra

ATL FunkLordz

Producer Workshop
Sabir Muhammad, Satisfied

Frank Johnson Recreation Center (Unionville) 4pm-9pm

Frank Johnson Recreation Center

2227 Mercer University Drive

Macon, GA 31204-6101

(478) 751-9274

DJ Workshop
DJ Rasta Root, Smokin' Needles

Graffiti Workshop
Allah's Apprentice

Real Talk Panel Discussion
Moderated by: Minister Server of The Temple of Hip Hop

So So Def Recording Artist Dondria
Scholar, Film Maker, and Activist Dr. Joycelyn Wilson, PhD

Sonny Spoon, Rapper and Community Activist

One Thurd- Mizay Entertainment
C.M.G. Recording Artist Q Da Kid

Mike Scott, Black Poets Society
Young-R, Game Ent.
Juss Sayso
Mr. Sibaltia

Shawn Deangelo

and More!!!!!

For More Info Call 478-361-2880