Monday, December 26, 2011

Youth Night 2011: My Definition Spotlight feat. Fly Feinz

On Dec. 27th, Every year Youth from all over the country gather in Macon, GA (aka the Mactown) to reclaim the identity that society, haters, and confused individuals try to take from us with force fed mindsets in media and misguided leadership. Check out an artist spotlight from this year's celebration of the second principle of Kwanzaa, Kujichagulia (Self-determination):

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Gettin' my Cameo On w/ T.I. and Pharell

So as much as I carry my horn around, I guess it's only fitting that my trumpet has a cameo in a video before I do lol. Oh well, I'll take it either way. It ain't about how long I'm in the video cause I'm IN the video. Praise God. and God-willing, it's just the beginning.
And just so you know where to look lol :)
Cameo times-:00, :28, :40, 2:37,and 3:23
Yup, I definitely just did that. I ain't gon' front like I wasn't crunk as mug to be in there wit Pharell and T.I. It's the the King Shawty!

Shout out to George Twopointoh. Thanks again bruh!
And Lance Powlis with his extra special golden horn lol, we gotta get up on this music soon.
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