Friday, July 15, 2011

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I don't know if you realized it, but this is what you helped us do this summer with your donations/support/and volunteering. It is beyond words so I made this video to show you and simply say THANK YOU! In an effort to take this event to the next level, please share this with at least FIVE PEOPLE through social media, blogs, and e-mail because unfortunately we did not get the media coverage we would like to have received. Thank you and let's continue to grow!!!!

Monday, July 4, 2011


If Swag was a ball team, Johnnie Fresh would be the greatest player coach to ever play the game.
Entrepreneur. Scholar. Visionary. These words merely scratch the surface of a young legend in the making whose potential is beyond comprehension. A young brother from the Chi hungry for the throne which is the only seat fitting to a king such as himself.

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Video shot by the great Jon Genius
Note: Language and Ideas expressed in the music in the video do not reflect the opinions of Allah's Apprentice


Video shot by the great Jon Genius

SmoovTv: Above The Clouds R.I.P. by Jordan Jackson

It's been a minute since I'v e seen a brother as talented and as passionate about art and music as Jordan Jackson. This brother embodies style and is the physical manifestation of hip hop culture. His clothing line, Original State of Mind (OSM) is the dress code of a movement. It is a pleasure to know this brother and I look forward to seeing him make his mark literally on the world. Check out his performance piece done in honor of the late, Kieth Elam aka Guru of Gangstarr on the campus of his alma mater, Morehouse College where graduated in 1983. Long live the spirit of Guru and the true spirit of hip hop! K.I.P.

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Friday, July 1, 2011

Fair St. Mural log 2 Pt. 2 "The Kids & The Cops"

Shout out to my brother Shawn Deangelo for committing to a project for our community and putting in work to get it done. Please support by donating to/ sharing/ painting the Fair Street Mural in the historic Ashview Community in Atlanta's Westend right by the Atlanta University Center. Check out the impact you can help be made in this video
To Find out more check out :

Check out the impact you can help be made in this video:
Note: I do not promote alcohol consumption or profanity, but hey community work is real so don't judge