Thursday, September 15, 2011

Here I Grow: Day 4 I Love Music

I Love Music feat. Africano from the Priceless Giveaway

I love music, others got crushes

Just in it for the money; that's lame get some crutches

On the mic playin' games, lyric double dutchin'

Mouth movin' on the track, but you ain't sayin' nothin'

Lip synchin' to a popular tune

Party, Party, Party like cake and baloons

Music is life and not just one part

It Comes from every emotion that you feel in your heart

Thought is my art; your ears are my canvas

Feeling is my medium; life is my practice

Sound, rhythm, these are my utensils

Transcribe thoughts on a pad with a pencil

Carried over instruments in different keys

That unlock imagination so your mind is free

This is Universal got the whole world feelin' me

Ya'll make songs, I make history

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Here I Grow: Day 3 Play Something you want to be all technical and what not, since it's actually like 1:00am, you could say I missed a day, but then you'd remember that here at "The Adventures of Allah's Apprentice", Allah's Apprentice makes the rules. So yeah, I count days by sunrises, and from where I'm sitting (a room somewhere in GA), it's still dark, which means I still have time to post. So here you go:
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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Here I Grow: Day 2 Tupac Tribute

Tribute Piece for Tupac (Excerpt)

by Allah's Apprentice

We put two fingers in the sky for Pac, for peace

Now let me see you put two feet in these streets

Cause a sign and a shirt ain’t gon’ cut, that’s fashion

Pac put his life on the line, that’s passion

See ya’ll can have the cameras and the lights, give me the action

That “Let My People Go” flow, tellin’, I ain’t askin’

My parents tried to be polite, but you didn’t (even) treat ‘em right

Said “Yeah we got yo civil rights, but only for the civil type

Assimilate and receive, but watch how hard you breathe

Hold your tongue or get hung and watch how hard you grieve”

See they don’t really want truth, just sound byte that sounds nice

“I have a dream”, “By any means”, everybody screamin’ “Thug Life”

Not comprehending that it’s more than that gun and drug life

Tupac was talkin’ healin’, give the hood a hug life

Told the story (of the forgotten) so they knew they weren’t alone

Then showed the lost souls how to get back home

In a world of confusion where righteous men are slain

Criminals exalted so we remember their names

Public killings meant to send a message of fear to young Blacks

Maybe some Blacks, but we’ve come to send a message back

See you can kill a man, but you cannot kill a mindset

And every time you try, you make it harder to die

So studied in survival that we could teach a class

Ph.D’s in perserverance so we know how to last

So many gun blasts that we’ve become immune to your bullets

‘Cause they can only kill us physically so go ahead and pull it

Told Kendrick Lamar don’t let him die, he told me the same thang

So die he never will if we remember his name

Not in vain, but in sincerity, to live his philosophy

In place of pain and poverty, put justice and equality

For the roses under concrete that challenge cement ceilings

Unconvinced their only choices in LIFE are dying or killing

We must become the doctors of sick communities committed to finding cures

Although tired, we endure, of our victory we are sure

In the the everlasting spirit of Tupac Shakur

Monday, September 12, 2011

Here I Grow: Day 1 Introduction

So I've realized that ya'll don't know enough about my music for me not to be posting something everyday so I 've decided to post something everyday for 365 days in a series called "Here I Grow". Some of it will be existing material, others will be new, but regardless of what it is, promise it will be good music. Please comment, give feedback, and share with friends. And please follow the God in me on my blog, @Allahaprentice on twitter, 478mac on youtube, and like The Adventures of Allah's Apprentice on Facebook. Oh yeah, and by the way, I'm starting today.

Here I Grow: Day 1 Introduction
Who is Allah's Apprentice

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Juss SaYso- The Next Up in Hip Hop

So when you talk about female emcees (MC's), besides Roxanne Shante, MC Lyte, and recently Nikki Minaj (not my personal favorite), most people would be hard pressed to come up with any other names of women in hip hop who lyrically hold it down regardless of gender.

Well now we can proudly add another young sister to the list- Juss SaYso. SaYso is a true lover of hip hop. Her appreciation for the culture shows in her diverse and undeniably classic music choice. Her lyrics reflect an attention to detail reminiscent of a Tribe Called Quest. The project deals with a range of issues including Her love for the Art, Relationships, Domestic Violence, and Living your life to the fullest.

A must have for any true lover of hip hop. Here's a taste below.

Be sure to download the whole mixtape for free here:

Hip Hop Lives

Wednesday, September 7, 2011