Thursday, September 15, 2011

Here I Grow: Day 4 I Love Music

I Love Music feat. Africano from the Priceless Giveaway

I love music, others got crushes

Just in it for the money; that's lame get some crutches

On the mic playin' games, lyric double dutchin'

Mouth movin' on the track, but you ain't sayin' nothin'

Lip synchin' to a popular tune

Party, Party, Party like cake and baloons

Music is life and not just one part

It Comes from every emotion that you feel in your heart

Thought is my art; your ears are my canvas

Feeling is my medium; life is my practice

Sound, rhythm, these are my utensils

Transcribe thoughts on a pad with a pencil

Carried over instruments in different keys

That unlock imagination so your mind is free

This is Universal got the whole world feelin' me

Ya'll make songs, I make history

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