Saturday, September 26, 2009

Allah's Apprentice- ACT

photography provided by Rahbi Wood (Spelman '09)

So I recently released my first album (Praise God!), and although I have had pretty good success with sales and promotions, I am not convinced that people really comprehend what this project is about (even some of the most faithful supporters). I decided to do a series of posts about the songs and skits to explain my project to those who have it and will buy it in the future. Thank you by the way!

ACT: This is the title track of my debut album "ACT" pronounced "A-C-T". This track embodies the spirit that this album was made out of. It is about moving on your dreams. So often we just TALK about things we want to do and goals we have, but to actually realize our goals and make our dreams reality we have to ACT on them. For a long time, I said that I wanted to make music and produce an album. I would talk about the music on the radio and how I felt that artists should make positive music. I would also talk about how it was possible to have music that was enjoyable, crunk, and appealing with a positive message, but it wasn't until I ACTed on producing this album that I could prove that. This track means alot to me, beacuse by doing it, I am held accountable by a charge to myself to ACT on my dreams and erase my habit of procrastination. It forces me to conquer my fears of both success (which brings more responsibility, expectations, and pressure) and failure (which brings pain, doubt, and ridicule). I hope that it will help others to reach their goals as well.

Don't get it twisted though! This song is not about just jumping out and going for your goals blindly! Notice before the beat drops I say, "Make a plan, and make moves." The plan is very important. You must have direction. Once you have direction and a way of getting there, though, don't let excuses and fear hold you back from achieving your goals. A-C-T!

WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW!!!! Listen to ACT and share somethings that you need to or want to A-C-T on or somethings that you have accomplished by using the principle of A-C-T. Right now my dorm room is a little junky so I need to A-C-T oncleaning it up and after that I need to A-C-T on some homework due next week! Enjoy

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