Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Priceless Giveaway Mixtape Release and Art Show April 15!!!!

The Priceless Giveaway Release
Thursday, April 15, 2010
6:30pm - 9:30pm
CAU Art Gallery

Studio Time: $300Printing 1000

CD's and inserts:$380

The Art of a serious Artist: Priceless

There's something's money can't my newest release"The Priceless Giveaway"!

That's right! For everyone who has been asking, it's finally here! My second music project entitled "The Priceless Giveaway"!For all of those music lovers who miss real music, this is classic material that was made to stand the test of time. Towards the finish of this project I was trying to think of how much I would sell it for and realized that if I charged you what it was worth, all ya'll would be broke! So I decided to give the world a gift by not putting you through that type of stress and decided to give it to ya'll for the world's favorite price of...FREE!

Well almost anyway. I'm giving the first 100 copies away for free and selling the rest for $5

I am also doing this to encourage us to appreciate the talented artists among us that we take for granted. So often we are willing to pay top dollar for art that is deemed great by society's standards, but don't value our own community's talent and spend money to support our own.You have to comprehend that this is like giving you a Mona Lisa, a diamond ring, a Ferrari for FREE!!!!! This Project features

Artists: SOUF,David Fuller,Green Tea,Ill-Lyterati

Producers:SOUF,Sabir Muhammad,Sekou Muhammad,Spencer Greene,Brandon Phillips-Taylor, and more

and cover ART by:Lionel Daniels,Christian Smith,Atu,and another surprise artist"The Priceless Giveaway"featuring the hit singles "Put It On Repeat" and "The AUC Chant"So yeah... April 15th.... We settin' it OFF!!!!BE THERE or BE IN THE WRONG PLACE!K.I.PKeep it Positive. Peace

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