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These are the songs of the Priceless Giveaway. The songs are numbered in a very different way from typical albums. The larger number represents the number of the track on this album. The smaller number represents the tracks number in relationship to all the songs I have released. I do this to show that all of my work is connected and ongoing, therefore, my music never ends, there are only pauses in my creative process. I had the pleasure of working with a host of producers, artists, and engineers who all brought different elements to the project. As this blog continues, God-willing you will learn a little bit about each of these great and special people. Until then, this is your introduction to the "Priceless Giveaway". K.I.P. Peace

The Priceless Giveaway Songlist:

118. Music Libation produced by Robwill

219. Real Music produced by SOUF****

320. Put it On Repeat produced by Sabir Muhammad*

421. What You Mean? (Skit) produced by Robwill***

522. As-Salaam produced by Sekou**

623. AUC Chant feat. The AUC produced by Allah’s Apprentice***

724. Priceless People (Skit) produced by Corey

825. Music Fan feat. David Fuller produced by B. Phillips**

926. Successful Remix*

1027. Money to Grow*

1128. All Talk (Skit)

1229. Be About It feat. SOUF produced by Spencer Green****

1330. B-Side Interlude: Roots (Sankofa) produced by Corey***

1431. P.C.A. produced by Allah’s Apprentice*

1532. Queen studio commentary**

1633. Queen (Every Girl Remix) produced by Tha Bizness**

1734. Hood T.V. Street Street

1835. Real Talk 5- June 18 Interlude produced by Corey

1936. Rock-A-Thon (Universal Mind Control Remix)*

2037. I Love Music feat. Africano

2138. That Other Stuff feat. Green Tea produced by Sabir Muhammad*

2239. Love Supreme produced by Spencer Green***

2340. War feat. Hypnotiq Brass Ensemble*

2441. Reflections Produced by St. Nick the DJ

2542. What That Be Like produced by Sekou****

Tracked and mixed at Platinum Sound and Media by Lil Jaye (Put It On Repeat, PCA, Rock-A-Thon, and War), Trey Johnson (Money to Grow and That Other Stuff), Ms. Andrea and "Sir Tristan (Successful)" Macon, GA*

Tracked and mixed at Extraordinary Music by Devin, Atlanta, GA**

Tracked and mixed at IOU Studios by Speechless, Atlanta, GA***

Tracked and mixed by Eddie Versatile, Duluth, GA****

Music Fan tracked by Brandon Phillips-Taylor, and mixed by Devin at Extraordinary Music, Atlanta, GA

AUC Chant Recorded live at Jazzman’s Poetry Night by Walter Wiggins

All tracks mastered by Eddie Versatile

Cover Art By: Lionel Daniels, Christian Smith, Corinne Stevie, and Ato Ribeiro


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