Tuesday, August 28, 2012


No, this is not New York. No, you aren't in Chicago. This is Macon,GA. This is GROOVE SPEAK.
If you're looking for good music, good people, and good vibes, you're looking for GROOVE SPEAK.
This is a monthly event featuring the best in Spoken Word, Neo-Soul, and Hip Hop. 
To get an idea of what happens here, check out Allah's Apprentice- Successful (LIVE @ Groove Speak) @ The 567 Center for Renewal in Macon,GA.
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Yeah Drake, Man I feel ya
Your Dreams of success soundin' real familiar
But I don't need the money or the h-o's
I just need the Most High like I smoke the most
But I don't smoke blunts, it's metaphorical
Plus a high my way is more euphorical
And if these words ain't inside of your vocabulary
Don't trip, just listen wit' a dictionary
So many souls just want to be famous
Concerned with the sameness, certified fakeness
Well known is not synonymous with greatness
It's a side affect like applause and checks
You got the order mixed up like a bad waiter
Seek the kingdom first, the things comin' later
The only question is if you have the patience
Yeah the song's new, but the concept is ancient

Props to the organist, got me reflectin'
Like the mirror on the wall takin' questions
Just a minute, take a number Ms. Snow
I'm busy, it's some things that the hood wanna know
Next, what's the word good sir please speak
He said "May I please have a seat. I feel weak"
Certainly, the source of his fatigue it intrigued me
His knees buckled, on the ground, he let his mind free
Tears flowed as his words escaped a mental prison
I watched him huddled on the floor and just listened
"Why they keep sayin' that we overcame?
"Maybe ya'll did, but round here it's still the same.
"Yeah the rich folk ballin' like Tim, Duncan on the rim
"But we ain't in the gym"
I told him brother, it ain't all about the dollar signs
Real success is manufactured in your own mind

See this is for the brother wit the black
Tucked real snug in his ear or a cap
Skully or a fitted with his city's team printed
Let this be the substance that gets your mind lifted
Up and away from the struggle and the pain
That occupies your brain and makes a calm face strain
He just want success, an A on his test
Some dollars for his family and some love like Quest-
Love drums, he can feel that make writin' easy
To let the troubles go in a flow if need be
Me, I just want my people to see
Their infinity, God in their family tree
Pause for a period to focus on the Source
A constant communication keeps me on course
The captain of my fate, the master of my soul
That's me but only if Allah is in control

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